Tara earns more money now than before !

The power of the electronic media is so strong these days that even a cheap prostitute and pimp can become a celebrity overnight. Already, we have seen the likes of an adult star Sunny Leone being given a celebrity status and Indian residence card. And one lady is now in the limelight in Andhra Pradesh.
She is Tara Chowdary, the small time actress who made big time money by running a full scale prostitution ring and recording all the acts of her clients. Right now, she is under police custody but many are saying that she will be earning more than Mahesh Babu this year.
Apparently, Tara has been taking the names of heroes, MPs, MLAs left right and centre. Already, the CDs, DVDs at her home is a blue film festival for the Hyderabad police and RDX bomb to all those involved. So, these noted Big Babus are busy pumping in money to keep Tara quiet. An estimate is that, in all ways she is getting Rs 25 crores which means she would be earning more than Mahesh Babu.