Tara’s Sleazy Act CDs Out In Guntur Market

From the minute Tara Chowdary is out of jail on bail, some politicians are shivering as this sex-racket lady might pull their name again. As expected, one person got SMSs that his CD is very much in their hands.
Earlier, some voice tapes have revealed that Guntur congress leader Rayapati Sambasivarao threatened Tara Chowdary to black mail Kanna Lakshminarayana. With the feud between these two politicians known to everyone, the issue has become serious. Though Tara is out on bail, investigation in these tapes is still going on. The other day, Rayapati received an SMS from anonymous that they hold the sleazy sex tape featuring this politician and Tara. Shocked Rayapati, complained to the police immediately and accused that Maoists are doing these blackmailing acts.
Analysts say that if at all Maoists got those CDs, and then they will be available in Guntur market too which is famous for selling scandalous videos. Earlier this market has sold out some internet-cafe videos like hot cakes. Let us see if any such sex-tape surfaces to add further blows to the tumbling Congress party.