TDP Babu is on Taming mission

Those who watched the glory of Chandrababu are unable to bear the gloom of TDP chief. He shone like a star in the world’s galaxy of leaders with international community hailing him as the brand ambassador of India and future PM of India who has great foresight to for brighter vision for the Country. True to their predictions he bought global recognition to Hyderabad and by giving it hitech color, he made Hyderabad synonym for India. However all that is past and many feel those days may not come again for Babu.
He underwent lot of tribulations after 9 yrs as CM, now as around 9 more years as Opposition Leader. Whatever strategy he tried it boomeranged on him and now to increase his headaches Telangana moment is hanging as damsel sword on his neck. Many feel had he used the same foresight and rewarded hi colleague KCR with plump portfolio, he and the state wouldn’t have faced so many troubles or underwent so many trials and tribulations.
Now Babu is on taming mission. He is facing problems from tigers and lions from inside and outside. From outside tigers like KCR, Kiran and Jagan are lurking around while from inside Natasimha Balakrishna and Young Tiger NTr along with Harikrishna is waiting to pounce on him. He with carrot and stick method tamed Simha Balakrishna and it seems he is content to contest from Hindupur Constituency next elections. He has bigger and most daunting mission of taming Harikrishna and NTR and Babu might have already opened discussion channels with them.
He is taking on outside tigers politically chosing to ignore Jagan completely though his other leaders are taking on him. He is concentrating on laying strong foundation and his BC card is just a trailer. He is going hammer and tongs on CM Kiran. It has to be seen how he tames T-Tiger KCR. Once that is done TDP will see ray of success light.