TDP Begins Poster War Against Pawan!

Within hours of power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan created a storm in the Andhra politics by launching a broadside against Telugu Desam Party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, his son Lokesh Naidu and his alleged corrupt government, the TDP leaders launched a massive counter attack on the actor.

On Thursday, the TDP leaders brought out a series of posters online questioning the propriety of Pawan attacking Naidu and the TDP at this stage.

The five questions in the name of common man read like this.

Question No. 1: As soon as CBN quit the BJP government at the Centre, you have come out to criticise him. Why?

Question No. 2: There was an IT raid at your place initiated by the BJP. You started attacking the TDP after that. What did they find?

Question No. 3: Instead of supporting the TDP in the battle against the BJP for special status, why are you weakening the movement with your political agenda?

Question No. 4: Why did you not utter even a single word against Modi and Amit Shah who are responsible for what happened to Andhra Pradesh?

Question No. 5: The larger conspiracy of the BJP is to join hands with the YSRCP and make fools out of the people of AP. Why are you part of it?

The questionnaire was also made in Telugu and is being circulated in the social media extensively to convey to the people that Jana Sena is part of the larger conspiracy hatched by the BJP and the YSRC to destabilise the TDP government.