TDP General Secretary Post to Balayya ?

Hero Bala Krishna who warned the baddies not to try to look at his other side in the hit film ‘Simha’ is now eager to show his other side in Politics.The Senior actor had recently announced his entry in to direct politics last week to rescue the image of the party founded by his father, which is plummeting down to an all time low. The actor had reportedly his brother-in-law and TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu to give him some status in the party as well as some specific responsibilities so that he could instantly concentrate on rebuilding the party.
It is learnt that he has assured Naidu that he would work for the party for 15 days every month, sparing the remaining time for films. Consequently, it is learnt that Naidu is considering to give the General Secretary post to Balayya. Interestingly, Late NTR had nominated Chandra Babu in the same post when he first came in to the party. Balayya is reportedly planning to tour the entire state irrespective of elections.