TDP Govt review on Botsa, Raghuveera and Dharmana

TDP formed cabinet subcommittee led by Yenamala Ramakrishnudu to review the decisions of Congress Government and allegations against its leaders. Sub-committee has suggested the government to cancel land assignments for VANPIC in Prakasam, Lepakshi in Ananthapur and Kineta in Nellore districts. Sub-committee members have also discussed on allegations against Congress leaders during last 10 years. Botsa Satyanarayana, Raghuveera Reddy and Dharmana Prasada Rao were worked as Ministers during the Congress Government. 
Sub-committee wants to review the decisions taken by trio Congress leaders. Botsa name was circulated in media circles on liquor scam. Government decided to look into this case again. TDP Government wants to call back the officers Bhupathy Babu and Srinivasa Reddy for the meeting and take back the details from them. Raghuveera Reddy also have many allegations on “Meghamedhanam”. Raghuveera had misused the allotted funds to Meghamadhanam. 
Now TDP Government wants to do inquiry on Raghuveera. Allegations against Dharmana Prasada Rao on giving Granite lease in Kannedhara in Srikakulam. Dharmana was tried to give granite lease to Virgin Rocks Company. As per buzz, this belongs to Dharmana son. There were allegations on Dharmana that he take over 2.6 acres of land in Srikakulam Municipality. Now TDP wants to take review on these three ministers.