TDP is Ready to Open Doors

It seems that TDP President CBN is ready to implement “Operation Akarsh”. He is trying to convince the existing leaders for joining other party leaders into TDP. He gave hint to its leaders on joining of other party leaders. He believes that new joining is just for strengthen the party in the state. CBN didn’t concentrate on “Operation Akarsh” after becoming the Chief Minister of the state. 
After seeing his statement yesterday, leaders from other parties will join in TDP within a few days. Reportedly, TDP has plan for sketch to invite YSRCP MLAs into the party. There are elections for 11 MLCs in AP in coming February and March. TDP was made promise to BJP in giving 3 MLCs at the time seat sharing in 2014 general elections. 
As per buzz, TDP is concentrate to bag as many MLCs by splitting YSRCP. CBN wants the leadership for another 50 Assembly segments in the state. Assembly Segments will increase to 225 in AP assembly. CBN has directed TDP leaders to work with co-ordination of the officers. Chief Minister CBN doesn’t find fault in taking 10% commission for 5 lacs below contract works. Is Jagan ready for political shocks from CBN?