TDP Started Fighting for YSR ?

TDP suddenly shocked its supporters and even its bitter political rival YSR Party when suddenly it started fighting for YSR. Today being YSR’s death anniversary, TDP leaders decided to nail Congress Govt on the mysterious death of YSR. They started questioning the Govt on why it is not revealing the truth and facts on YSR’s death. They questioned why the reports of CBI and Civil Aviation are not made public.
They even cited YSRCP leader Vijayamma making allegations that Cong President Sonia Gandhi and Reliance Industries hatched a plot to eliminate her husband and CM of AP as he opposed allotment of gas to Reliance from KG basin. TDP even went ahead and said it was pathetic that Congress stooped to such a level that it eliminated its own CM for its vested interests. Its leaders Gali Muddukrishnam Naidu, MLA Ramana in a press conference decided to take on Cong on the whole issue and mysterious death of YSR.
This came as a delight to YSRCP leaders as TDP is taking on Cong on its behalf, making its task easier. One wonder whether TDP’s ploy to corner Govt work in its favor or indirectly work in the favor of its biter rival YSR CP strengthening it even further.