TDP to Stay away from Presedent Elections ?

The opposition TDP has decided not to vote either the UPA’s candidate Pranab Mukherjee or the NDA candidate P A Sangma in the Presidential poll to be held on Thursday.

This was confirmed by the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu here on Tuesday evening. He said that as his party has been fighting against the anti-people policies of the Congress since more than 3 decades, it could not support UPA candidate. He also said that it could not also support the NDA candidate Sangma as he was put up by the communal BJP party. As such, his party has decided to refrain from voting, he has added.
The decision was earlier informed to the media by the party MP Ramesh Rathod. He told the media that the TDP Telangana Forum has decided not to vote to Pranab Mukherjee as he was anti-Telangana. He said when their decision was conveyed to the party leadership, the leadership has conceded their demand and decided to abstain from voting. This was later confirmed by the TDP chief.