TDP treated-TRS thrashed

Comgress Party’s and its Govt’s dual standards are exposed in broad day light while dealing with the protests of various political parties on increase in power tariffs and double increase in power cuts. The main opposition party TDP has been going hammer and tongs on power issue that is the burning topic in the state to derive full political mileage out of it. Its legislators even went right into CM’s office and sat on dharna and even when police entered they escaped from them. Its firebrand leader Nannapaneni Rajakumari even went up to the terrace and tried to jump from there to attract media attention. When all this happened,the police and the Govt remained mute spectators with out taking any action.
However when TRS tried to stage protests on the same issue its leaders are arrested and were not even allowed to stage a peaceful march. TRS leaders especially Harish Rao fumed at Congress Govt for its double standards and even questioned why TDP is treated in a honorable manner even when they broke law and order and why TRS is thrashed when it did not cause any problem. He even said that it showed the nexus of TDP and Cong and even its apathy towards people of telangana. He ven questioned why its minister Danam Nagender who abused top police brass and MIM leaders who assaulted police were spared.