TDP’s Gen x battles for Leadership !

TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu who is grappling for a breather from growing dissent and busy trying to stem outflow of his cadres or leaders towards his rival parties is trying his best to revive the party by winning over the confidence of people and the cadre. He already roped in Natasimha Balakrishna to add glamor and hope that his powerul speeches and image as son of NTR will help him in the long run. He is also nurturing dreams of making his son Lokesh as his heir apparent.
However all this may not be easy cake walk for Naidu or Lokesh even with the support of Natasimha Balakrishna as he will definitely face severe opposition from Young Tiger NTR who enjoys immense mass following in the state and his dad Hari Krishna. Currently they are lying low biding their time to strike resounding blow at the right moment.
Chandra Babu feels Lokesh with his overseas education and net savvy nature just like him may revive the party implementing what he learnt overseas in the party as well as for the benefit of the people of Andhra Pradesh. However his lack of popularity in masses is his main draw back which happen to be the strengh of young tiger NTR. He may be lacking political acumen which is the forte of CBN, but with experience he can turn really wily and tough nut to crack. One has to wait and watch who will be victorious in this gripping battle of wits between Lokesh and NTR.