TDP’s trifurcation before T-State

People of Andhra Pradesh are left wondering when Telangana state would be formed and each of them are coming with their own predictions. But till now nothing is happening and though some vouch for the formation of Telangana and others say that the state would be as united as ever and infact the bond between people of two regions will be growing strong in the coming years. However some are asking for separate Rayalaseema state if in case the state is bifurcated. They say the people of Rayalaseema region can not go together with Andhra region and are seeking for trifurcation.
However many political analysts predict whether or not the central govt proceeds with division of Andhra Pradesh, TDP’s trifurcation will happen sooner than later. They say many leaders in the party are growing vexed with the dictatorial ways of its chief Chandra Babu’s ways and are looking else where. While some are planning to join other parties some are egging Nandamuri family members to take the reigns of the party. However family war is going on between Nandamuri scions Harikrishna, Balarkishna and NTR. While Balakrishna is supporting formation of Telangana state, Harikrishna is dead against it and NTR is yet to reveal his feelings.
Many feel that while Nata Smiha Balakrishna going by his seema popularity will take the reigns of TDP-Rayalaseema with him, Young TIger NTR who in a press statement said that he was born in Telangana and is the son of the soil will rule TDP-Telangana. The remaining Andhra region will be taken care by Harikrishna thus completing trifurcation of TDP leaving Chandra Babu Naidu empty handed.