A ‘Technical Glitch’ That Favors Tejaswi Angers Bigg Boss Fans!

Looks like Bigg Boss is on a mission to bring Tejaswi back into the house. They have announced a poll to get one of the evicted contestants back in the show right after Tejaswi was evicted.

The voting should have been transparent so the people’s choice would’ve won the poll. But here comes a ‘glitch’ to give an edge to Tejaswi over other evicted contestants.

Voting lines were opened at 11PM on Monday and Bigg Boss uploaded last week’s nominations for Google votes instead of the latest list.

Meaning, none of the other evicted contestants names were present in the poll except for Tejaswi in that list. This ‘glitch’ was not corrected for forty five minutes. 45 mins means 75% of Monday votes on Google.

If it really was a technical glitch, then they shouldn’t have considered the votes until the error was rectified, but submitted votes were taken into consideration until that point.

So Tejaswi had an unassailable lead on Monday because of this ‘technical glitch’. Many fans and followers have addressed the issue right away to StarMaa through social media, but they took their own sweet time to correct the so called ‘error’.

A glitch like this is humanly impossible unless it is deliberate, opine many on the social media. Is this really a glitch or the best possible route for Tejaswi’s reentry? Is what people ask.

Whatever the reason be, the reputation of the show, its host’s Nani’s public image and good will are at stake now.

Is StarMaa willing to risk everything just for the sake of a contestant?