Teenage Girls Torture Young Hero!

With the tag of a celebrity becoming more weighted, you experience not just the warmth of fans but also the other side of it. As an young hero who hardly had a couple of films to his credit, Arvind Krishna finds tough when it comes to teenage girls.
Apparently, Arvind is said to be getting a lot of unwanted calls on his mobile after he shared his number with a couple of facebook buddies. Debuted with ALASYAM AMRUTHAM, this young-man is not a happening actor until he starred in Prasad Productions upcoming RUSHI. In-between he has done ITS MY LOVE STORY, but the film has gone like a mere waste for him. For the last three days, the actor is said to be going in a rather worried mode after he started getting continuous calls on his mobile saying ‘I Love You’.
Unable to cope up with the torture, the young man has switched off his mobile for a while and the situation is same once he powered it on again. However, after the actor displayed a public note on his social networking page that girls from so and so numbers are torturing him and he is getting strings pulled for a legal action on them, the calls-torture stopped all of a sudden. Looks funny, but its true!