Tej Gets Support From Mega Family

Sai Dharam Tej has pinned lot of hopes on his upcoming film Tej I Love You to put an end to his flop streak.The trailer of Tej is being received well from all corners and the mega hero is pretty happy about the positive vibe surrounding the film.

Tej is also getting full support from mega family too. None of his recent films were promoted by stars in the mega family.Chiranjeevi attended the audio launch and gave his blessings to the team. Now Charan sent his best wishes through facebook and showered praises upon the trailer cut.

There cannot be a better time for Tej as he needs the support of his family the most now. Chiranjeevi and Charan’s wishes will surely draw the attention of mega fans, which should ensure a good start for Tej’s box office journey.Can Tej live up to the promise and give the much needed break for Supreme Hero?