Tej ILU Trailer: A Karunakaran Mark Breezy Romance

Trailer of Tej I Love You shows director Karunakaran in sublime form. The two minute trailer has the romance genre specialist’s stamp all over it. Vintage Karunakaran who made an evergreen classic like Toliprema packs Tej ILU with all the elements that we expect from his film.

It is refreshing to see Sai Dharam Tej shedding away his action image and playing a next door romantic who is smitten by the beauty and charm of Anasuya Parameswaran. Tej trailer has entertainment, romance and emotions that will surely impress the viewers and make them wait for the full feature.

Karunakaran who took a brief break after Endukante Premanta is playing to his strengths that has fetched him hits like Darling and Ullasamga Utsahamga. Soundtrack by Gopi Sunder is slowly climbing up the music charts. The trailer also lives up to the brand name of Creative Commercials with striking visuals and clean family entertainment.

Tej also offers novelty besides Karunakaran mark breezy romance. There will be a surprise element in the film that is cleverly not shown in the trailer. On a whole team Tej seems to have a winner on hands. Wait for July 6 to see whether it lives up to the promise or not.