Teja Complains Rana Against Suresh Babu

Director Teja is known for his outspokenness and candidness. He is at it again. Now he reveals that how he complained against Suresh Babu to none other than his son Rana Daggubati.

“After the story is finished, I’ve first met Rana and gave full narration. He immensely liked it and asked me when we are going to start. After that Suresh Babu met and suggested to do some corrections in the story. I went to Rana and told him that we don’t need Suresh Babu and I’ve other producers Bharath, Kiran. After that, I was called to their guest house where both Suresh Babu and Rana were present. Seeing both, I told them that I’d do film only as per my liking. I said, I’d leave if they don’t agree for it. Suresh Babu convinced me finally,” said Teja. Teja also added that he agreed to Suresh Babu and made some corrections after that. This is before the film hit the floors.

Usually, no one in industry dares to talk about or against Suresh Babu openly but once again Teja proved he is poles apart from other filmmakers.