Teja Doubts About His ‘Dash’

A string of flops had strangled this dynamic director’s career in Telugu Film Industry. Celebrated filmmaker Teja is now counting stars to fill his own ‘dash’!
Even after making some industry best hits, Teja struggled a while to get this recent film opportunity. Titled ‘Neeku Neeku Dash Dash’, the director took considerable time to shape the flick with all needed ingredients. However, he doubts regarding what will be filled in that ‘dash’. Will it be a ‘neeku naaku flop flop’ or ‘neeku naaku hit hit’, is the worry of Teja, say sources.
The teaser of the film that was released the other day gave a nice feel about the movie. Looking like a hardcore love story again, the movie’s visual appeal and background score have scored instant marks. Adding spice to it, Teja is saying that the film revolves around ‘Liquor Mafia’, a ‘scam’ which is now very popular in AP. Wait and see, what will happen to Teja’s ‘Dash’!