Tejaswi Vs Kaushal Army: The #BigBoss Fight

Already being sent out from #BigBoss2, contestant Tejaswi Madivada is now standing chance to enter the show again in case if she gets more votes than Anchor Syamala and dancer-actress Bhanu Sri. Or she has to beat even Nutan Naidu and Sanjana to get back into the show.

Truth is that Tejaswi has got stunned with her elimination though she wore a happy face while interacting with Nani. Later on, when she took to Instagram live and other social media stuff, Tejaswi revealed that she’s upset with “#KaushalArmy”, which she has come to know about post elimination, that they have voted quite negatively for her.

On that note, Tejaswi commented, “Big Boss is showing only 1 hour footage of total day, but in reality, one needs to see the total 24 hours to find reality about Kaushal. If they see that, they will kick him out themselves. How come this army gets hurt if I said just one bad word?”.

Responding strongly on Tejaswi’s comments, #KaushalArmy is now trolling the actress for her latest video, by adding, “Big Boss 2 has now become another family show after the exit of Tejaswi who mouths only foul words that families couldn’t bear to hear”.