Tej’s Market Takes A Huge Hit !

Sai Dharam Tej, who won the appreciation of mega fans with his initial films, is currently struggling to reclaim his lost market.

He is yet to come out of the flop streak that has been giving him nightmares post Supreme. A series of disastrous decisions made him lose his market everywhere.

Tej’s last two films Intelligent and Tej I Love You ended up as huge disasters at box office despite having famous directors at the helm.

Intelligent turned out to be one of the biggest disasters of all time and Tej I Love You will end up below Intelligent in terms of box office returns.

Tej is trying hard to find a way to come out of the failure streak, but he couldn’t make wise judgments with his scripts.

His next film is finalized with Nenu Sailaja director Kishore Tirumala. Tentatively titled Chitralahari, the film is a family drama based on father-son sentiment.

Can Chitralahari put and end to the woes of Tej?