Telangana Cong in-charge cries foul!

All India Congress Committee general secretary and in-charge of Telangana affairs Rama Chandra Khuntia is on the way out, if the rumours spread by none other than the Congress party leaders themselves in the social media.For the last couple of days, reports of Khuntia being sacked as the Telangana Congress party in-charge are doing rounds in the WhatsApp groups of the party leaders and also the media persons covering the Congress beat.

According to these reports, the party high command was not happy with Khuntia and he would soon be replaced by senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who had brought the Congress party to power in 2004 and 20009 assembly elections in the erstwhile combined Andhra Pradesh. There were also welcome messages in circulation in the WhatsApp groups.Khuntia came to know about these rumours and was terribly upset. In a meeting with senior party leaders at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday, he expressed anguish over the rumours being spread by some party leaders.

He was especially peeved with the posts welcoming Ghulam Nabi Azad as the AICC in-charge of Telangana.“I have no undue interest in continuing as the AICC in-charge of Telangana. But let them wait till an official communication comes from the high command. Why so much hurry? How can they welcome Azad even before I go?” he asked.Senior Congress leaders, however, tried to pacify Khuntia saying they all had high regards for him. They asked him not to get perturbed by social media reports.