Telangana-War with in War !

Two-Three years back fight for seperate statehood for Telangana reached its peak when all parties, NGOs, Govt officials successfully driving home the need for the state to the ruling UPA dispensation at Center. Had they been united and strong during that time, people could have realised the long cherished dream of Telangana. However UPA which is famous for divide and rule policy weaned away some of the forces to its side, which ultimately fizzled out the heat in the T-Movement.
This has been the problem for Telangana people that whenever they feel that the end is near, political parties take them for a ride. It happened during 60s and 70s when Marri Chenna Reddy’s party swept polls in entire telangana region. Had he stood his ground for seperate Telangana, Center would have granted Telangana as it had no other option at that time. But he sold the aspirations of people of Telangana and the demand for seperate statehood for coveted CM post.
It seems history is repeating as TRS chief KCR, who is hailed as the architect of Telangana, is leading the movement according to his whims and fancies and many feel that he is out only to increase his number of seats and political power so that he can get things in his favor. He completely forgot about seperate statehood and only opens the tap of Telangana movement, instigate peoples feelings only for his political ends. Congress will never grant seperate statehood for the fear of KCR getting all credit and only if it feels that it will atleast win in Telanagna, it will deliver on its promise. It already lost hopes on Seemandhra and don’t want to give Telangana on platter to KCR and lose both the regions, as it will hamper its chances of making Rahul as PM.
Now TRS which is out on a mission to wipe out TDP found new enemy as YSRCP is on its mission to wipe out TRS. In this struggle for existence and war with in war belagured TDP and Babu may get a breather as TRS currently trained its guns on YSRCP.