Telangana Weapon for KCR’s personal war !

TRS chief KCR may be hailed as the pioneer who galvanised the moment for seperate statehood Telangana. For over a decade he followed various means and employed different policial ploys to achieve statehood. His major achievement is inclusion of Telangana statehood in UPA-1 common minimum programme and also in the then Presendential statement. Even more major achievement is the statement from Home Minister Chidambaram that process for seperate state of Telangana would be initiated.
Now with this master stroke he feels that what ever he does has the approval of the people of Telangana. He is on a mission to wipe out his enemies and rule Telangana as his household property. He blows hot and cold on Telangana according to his whims and fancies and uses resignation as a ploy to strengthen his party rather than achieve Telangana. From 2009 all the byelections were the results of KCR’s power ploys.
He has special grudge for TDP, representing which he used to be the minister for many years. He is out to wipe out TDP and teach Chandra Babu a lesson. He is soft on Congress for the present and once Congress makes announcement on Telangana State Hood, he may dump it or merge his party with Congress if the high command unleashes CBI on him. Currently he is on save Congress mission from the wrath of Telangana people.
He enacted attack drama on Jagan when he sought to tour Telangana and was in tacit understanding employing give and take policy. However after Parakal setback, he is out to cut YSR CP’s dreams of gaining foothold in the region with Vijayamma’s Silsila deeksha. TRS and KCR is completely shaken and is hand in hand with Congress to show YSRCP its place.
In all these developments KCR or his party never voiced his views on trials and tribulations of the people of Telangana be it power issue, farmers issue, water or electricity problems and problems faced by various sections of people. Hope telangana people see through KCR’s sinster designs and his power politics in the name of Telangana.