Telugu Lecturer Behind ‘Aagadu’ Dialogues


Right from the beginning, Aagadu dialogues are packing a punch. Though they are good in rhyme, meaning and relevance, somehow certain dialogues looked over the board but still Mahesh’s terrific uttering, timing and modulation-style clicked them big time. Writers Upendra Madhav and Anil Ravipudi are the two able creators who penned such ‘grandhikam’ laced Rayalaseema style dialogues for Mahesh Babu in Aaagadu.

Also Sreenu Vytla too penned many dialogues, as he is an expert at punch-dialogues. However, all these dialogues couldn’t be understood if one doesn’t hail from pure Telugu background, as some words dug deep into some formal language written in classic literature.

To avoid cutting-out or leaving-in any dialogue from the movie without having proper understanding of it, it is heard that Censor officials took help of a Telugu lecturer. Because some dialogues sounded like ‘boothu’ for Censor board but producers defended them as good words spoken in Rayalaseema area. To clarify the issue, a Telugu lecture has helped, and finally passed all dialogues with just fewer cuts.