Telugu Man Dies In A Fatal Fall In California

In a tragic incident, a 29-year-old Telugu man named Asish Penugonda fell to his death while climbing the famous Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome trail in California, USA. The tragedy struck at around 4:30 pm on May 21.

Asish Penugonda and other hikers were hiking up the steep north side of Half Dome in the park. His close friend revealed that Asish slipped from the cables and fell to his death during thunderstorm activity.

Asish was hiking his way up the last 400 feet to the summit of Half Dome, which rises nearly 5,000 feet above California’s Yosemite Valley. The park rangers arrived on the scene and recovered Asish’s body and provided assistance to the second hiker.

Asish hailed from Andhra Pradesh. He was a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and worked as a biochemist with Siemens Healthcare, New Jersey. His friends have launched a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign to help pay for his funeral in Fremont, transport of his body home to India, and assistance to his mother and elder brother. Nearly 1,218 people continued over USD 50,471 within 6 days.