Telugu Star Heroes Employing Hate Armies?

Other day when the nation is mourning legendary actress Sridevi’s death, sadly fans of two star Telugu heroes are indulged in nasty fights on the internet. And a follow up of the story lead us to find that the ‘hate armies’ are employed by none other than the star heroes.

When both these star heroes made some tweets other days, anti-fans of the heroes started posting nasty stuff in reply to those tweets. And then, the social media teams employed by these heroes have jumped into the scene posting a couple of abusive images as well. We heard that these heroes employed an army of social media folks to increase their online presence as well to promote their films and other posts virally. And they are responsible for other day’s hatred war.

Each person of these teams owns literally 10s of Facebook and Twitter accounts and posts ‘fake’ stuff or ‘flattery’ as needed. Other day with the graphic design team related to these social armies preparing nasty graphics immediately, the twitter army jumped into the scene and made a huge scene. At no point, the armies of both the heroes have come down. Should the heroes not keep a tab on these worst netizens?

More than bank accounts, now Facebook accounts and Twitter handles need immediate verification of Aadhar and phone-based verifications. Because spreading of fake and abusive news became easy with false accounts.