When Telugus stand in support of TN Governor


Telugu associations in Tamil Nadu have strongly condemned the criticism of TN Governor Vidya Sagara Rao by the state politicians.

Alleging that criticizing Telugu personalities is very common in Tamil Nadu, a senior leader of Telugu associations said that the guv has done what he had to according to norms of the Constitution.

‘When the guv delayed his response amidst the chaos of the state politics, sasikala camp criticized him. When he finally asked Palaniswamy to form the govt, ops camp has resorted to criticism. When a leader shows the support of majority (124 MLAs in this case), the guv is bound to take a decision in his favor. He however has given 15 days to ops to prove his support and form the govt,’ TN Telugu leader said.

If the guv makes further delay, law & order situation in Tamil Nadu will get worse. People and leaders need to welcome the governor’s decision,’ he added.