Terrified Raviteja runs to safe zone

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is not having a good time at the box office in the recent past. He tasted a disastrous flop streak after Mirapakaya. Recently released Nippu did more damage to his credentials. Dongala Mutha kicked off his bad period and it was followed up by Veera. With Nippu Raviteja raised many doubts among the business circles.
Raviteja wanted to clear away all the doubts on him and his films with Daruvu. He tried to release Daruvu as early as possible after Nippu was released. But that didn’t happen and Daruvu producer announced that it will release on May 4th. As of now there is no further update on the film. Buzz says that Daruvu was indefinitely postponed for now.
With Dammu, Gabbar Singh, Eega and few other notable films lined up for release, Raviteja is aiming for a much safer zone to release his film. Earlier Raviteja used to pull off films with average talk. But after Nippu, an average talk won’t do. Hence fearing heavy competition from all the above movies, Daruvu is pushed to June/July release. Raviteja used to lock horns with any biggie in the past. See how fast the times changes in filmisthan!