TFI taking ‘Divine Love’ for a ride !

In the entire Universe ‘Love’ is the only word which can’t be defined in a perfect manner. No two persons can give similar definition to ‘Love’. For people who never experienced love it is a trash while for those who experienced it is precious. What ever it may be irrespective of people experiencing or not none are able to define the unique feeling of ‘Love’. That itself shows the divinity of Love. However present generation film makers are taking ‘Divine Love’ for a ride forgetting the fact that the same has been glorified by their predecessors in numerous times.
Present films teach and preach people to love what ever it may be, irrespective of age difference and it some one doesn’t fall in love they can be brandished. They show to express love one can do ‘n’ number of intolerable feats wasting their valuable time, money and sometimes losing their lives after experiencing heart breaks or taking lives of those who refused their love. Films glorify the acts of ‘acid attacks’, ‘threatening girls or their family members so that in the very next scene heroine start reciprocating Hero’s love which is not the case in real life.
Tollywood earlier witnessed evergreen love stories in ‘Devdas’, ‘Premabishekam’, ‘Premnagar’, ‘Maro Charitra’ in which ‘Love’ is glorified and shown as true love seeks happiness of the loved ones even when they reject their love and not their lives as depicted in genex love stories. Hope film makers realize the importance to ‘Love’ and don’t misguide teenagers and youth with their misrepresentation of facts.