That’s Why Mahesh trying Six Pack?

Prince mahesh babu is the most handsome guy of tollywood. He is one of the best decent actors of tollywood. He has good number of record breaking hits in his career. These are all the positive factors when we talk about Mahesh Babu.
On the flip side, according to other heroes fans, the main reason for most of his hits is due to his glamour or directors talent but not any physical hard work. He is not considered to be the best dancer or the fighter. Unlike most other heroes, he never cares of maintaining his body to be shaped like a body builder. ‘However, our hero happened to hear all these criticisms against him and strongly decided to teach a lesson to all his critics and that’s why he is trying to get a six pack very seriously’, said one of the Mahesh’s fans, when we contacted.

These were the pictures taken in Bangkok before he started his 6 Pack training with his trainer 15 days ago.