The love story of MLA’s daughter ended on a happy note

The love story of Tadepalligudem ruling party MLA Eeli Nani’s daughter Ramya ended on a happy note here on Wednesday.

She and her husband exchanged garlands in the presence of the media. Speaking on the occasion, Ramya said she was sad that she had to hurt her loving father and maintained that she had no other alternative as she and her husband were separated. She still said they had life threat. She said the judge assured them of police protection and replied to questions stating that she did not intend to go back to her parents.

It may be recalled that Ramya complained to the Legal Services Authority in Guntur, claiming that she was kept under “house arrest” by her father since she married her classmate Sandip in 2008 after a love affair.

As per Ramya, her father “detained” her at home for four years and also tried to get her re-married after she married her lover against his wishes. The father dismissed the claims. She alleged that Nani also got Sandip “kidnapped” by police. Stating that she fears for his life, she urged the authorities to intervene in the matter. The girl cried before the judge, who ordered police to shift her to the women’s protection centre.

Meanwhile, Nani also wept before the media. He said as a father she did what he thought was right for her daughter.