They’re Planning To Slap Cases Against RGV

Director Ram Gopal Varma has courted yet another controversy with his remarks against Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy by alleging that Telangana people are “ignoring” him. He in fact went on to the extent that Telangana people have more devotion towards Lord Balaji than Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy.
This certainly don’t go well with many followers of God and we hear that they’re planning to slap cases against RGV. Not long ago RGV’s offensive statements on Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturdhi had invited the wrath of devotees across the Globe. Several cases have been slapped against the director across the nation and while many of them are still pending.
All that compelled RGV to issue an apologise where he issued retraction that he was expressing his doubts but has no intention to hurt the sentiments of people. After such a big issue, what did RGV learn? Will he apologise again? What is this Varma? Where are you heading for?