Three People Planned to Kill Me: Pawan Kalyan

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan’s speech at Eluru old bus stand was usual until the Janasena chief made a sensational revelation, that three criminals had plans to kill him during the elections time.

In a context of leaders spending crores to win in elections, Pawan kalyan claimed that he invested his life into party for the service of public and that he is not scared of death.

Recalling the recordings he heard sometime back, Pawan Kalyan alleged that three criminals conspired for his murder for the time of elections. According to Pawan, they were even prepared for the chaos that come up after putting him down and that ruling and opposition parties would then attribute his killing to each other.

Pawan Kalyan at some point said he do not know whether the ‘three’ belong to ruling or opposition, but said he knew their faces and who they are! Well, if Pawan’s words are true, who are those three and which party do they belong to?