Thums Down: Channel’s Dual Standards

Long back, Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) discovered that toxic pesticides and insecticides were in higher levels in the soft drinks, which were being marketed by multi national companies. Also, the reports revealed, chances of causing cancer, failure of nervous and reproductive system etc. would be occurred for drinking these beverages. Having understood the threat of using the brands like Thums Up, Pepsi etc. some of the political parties like left parties in A.P., Jana Vignana Vedika and some of the T.V.Channels agitated against then brand ambassador Thums Up,chiranjeevi, to give up his endorsement with the company. chiranjeevi made a positive gesture with these protests, and he didn’t extended his agreement with the company.
Later, Mahesh Babu had become the brand ambassador for Thums Up. Surprisingly, no agitations against his endorsement have been made. Then, Mega fans were said to have realized that previous agitations against chiranjeevi were purely political and nothing more than that. There is a news channel in A.P. that always strives hard for ‘Merugaina Samajam Kosam’. Every summer, the channel gives special ads to encourage drinking coconut water. However, that channel never used to protest against the heroes, who act as brand ambassadors for soft drinks which are manufactured by multi national companies. Instead, they appreciate those heroes that they get nation wide popularity with their endorsements. Some of the critics are slamming the dual standards being exhibited by these media.