Thums Down for Mahesh in Bollywood – Akshay to Replace him !?

People thought that he will go viral in the Bollywood circuits after his debut with Thums-Up commercial on the national television. But none other than the soft drink company is hinting that our Telugu hero is a big flop.
Apparently, Thums-Up Company has approached their previous brand ambassador and bollywood hero Akshay Kumar to sign the deal once again. Indeed, this is giving a clear indication that Mahesh’s ad is not going well in North India. Sources revealed that our Superstar’s ad is not working out in the favor of Thums Up in interior parts as they cannot identify him. They say that not many Hindi speaking people of India know this guy other than few tech savvies and urban citizens.
The soft drink company has offered to double the payment for Akshay if he signs the dotted line once again. Some felt that TV ads will not decide the stamina of a star hero and Mahesh will lose nothing with this. Critics are saying that definitely this is a flop show of our Telugu hero and we have to see how his follower, Ram Charan succeeds there.