Time For Srinu To Call Them Back


srinu vytla’s stardom as a top director is at big risk. The man who gave hilarious films for Telugu audience with many medium and star heroes has hit to ground zero due to continuous attack from critics and anti fans on ‘Aagadu.’ As the film is carrying a sudden drop down in collections, Srinu is blamed as the whole reason for damaging Mahesh Babu’s incredible image. On analyzing the reasons behind Srinu’s failure with this film, we can find only one standard reason of throwing Gopi Mohan, Kona Venkat out of the team.

Yes, Srinu expelled these two successful writers from his team owing to ego issues. Without Kona and Gopi, definitely the team of Srinu suffered with a weak spine. ‘Aagadu’ result should be an eye opener for Srinu and he should call back both his good friends back.