Today’s Releases: Clearance Sale!!

From March 30th we have big film festival taking up Tollywood as the release of “Rangasthalam” is set for that day. That will be followed by biggies like Bharat Anu Nenu, Kala and Naa Peru Surya while there are many other films placed in between them. For all these reasons, today (March 16th) is announced as a clearance sale here.

Most hyped film among today’s releases is none other than Kirrack Party. As the theatres opened to films after a bandh period, the footfalls are expected to be higher for now. And then Nayantara’s Karthavyam got a huge buzz with the teasers and the film is expected to get some decent openings. Though Ugadi holiday has fallen on Sunday, people got filled with festive feeling already and they want to catch up films.

To add more, we have crime thriller Dandupalyam 3, Vadena, Nellore Peddareddy, Na Route Separate are also hitting cinemas. And the other film that got some exceptions is none other than Aithe 2.0 as the first part of this franchise is a super hit. And then we have another film named Manasinodu releasing tomorrow.

But how far this clearance sale works at the box office is the main questions. While the likes of Kirrak Party and Karthavyam have got all the attention, other films might enjoy the run if talk comes out good. Let’s see who will make their mark end of the day.