Tolly Is Not Encouraging Talented Heroine

A debate is on from a long time that Telugu girls never succeed in the present age Telugu Film Industry. One knows the ‘secret’ behind it and there is no need to explain it. Now, another talented girl joins that band of bad-luck beauties!
She is Chinmayi Ghatrazu. This beautiful babe debuted with critically acclaimed movie LBW. Irrespective of her enticing performance in that movie, Chinamayi never got a good offer after that, it looks. Finally, she has settled as a side kick. In the recent film ‘Lovely’, she can be seen as heroine’s friend doing itsy bitsy romance with comedian Vennela Kishore.
People are saying that another beautiful and talented girl is being wasted, as she hails from Telugu native. Already she has socialized enough in cine circles for offers and gave green signals for skin-show too. Let us see how things happen to her in the future!