Tolly Trade: Officer Kicked Out in 3 Days

Nagarjuna simply stated that he has moved on after facing a failure with Officer. However, Akkineni fans wouldn’t be able to find solace anytime soon as the film continues to embarrass them.After collecting near to nil shares on its second day, Officer couldn’t save face by putting up a show on Sunday.

As the film ran into deficits by the first weekend, distributors are terminating it from theaters even before it completed its first week run.A big star’s film getting removed from theaters in three days is a record that fans cannot be proud of.

Officer wasn’t panned heavily by the critics compared to his recent films. In fact they have stated that it one of his better films in recent times.Despite that no one really bothered to watch an RGV’s film as they are well aware of his current state of mind.

Even Nagarjuna’s presence didn’t ensure minimum collections. Even RGV may find it tough to outclass Officer’s box office performance.