Tollywood Files Complaint Against News Channel Editor

Recently, during a heated live debate with actor Posani Krishna Murali on the AP special status issue, a Telugu news channel’s editor crossed the line and went on to make some derogatory comments on the women in Tollywood. These comments went viral on social media.

Naturally, several Tollywood female actors and filmmakers, including a few male actors belonging to the Movie Artiste’s Association (MAA), took offense to the comments made by the News Editor. They approached the Jubilee Hills police station and filed a complaint against the editor.

Actresses Jhansi, Hema and director Nandini Reddy and senior actors Shivaji Raja, Uttej, Banerjee and others filed the complaint and urged the cops to take immediate action. Speaking with the media, the actors condemned the baseless allegations on female actors and technicians and demanded an end to the menace.