Tollywood hero affair with Telugu anchor

Industry is getting used to affairs and unlike Bollywood our Tollywood stars are not ready to be exposed to media. In Bollywood celebrities come out with their affair and they accept that they are in live in relation from a long time, but this won’t happen in Tollywood and makes a big mess as a rumor and gossips.

Recently a news shocked Tollywood industry that a Tollywood hero is carrying relation with hot TV anchor and there is also news that they both are staying in a separate home. Industry is shocked by this sudden news and no one is ready to reveal who the hero and anchor are as he is carrying a huge family background.
After inquiring many there comes few details that the popular hero is already married and were with 2 kids and anchor was recently married. But who are these stars and what leads them to start this bold relation is surprising. Neither they met in any private parties nor they are not even close in any public events says film nagar gossips.