Tollywood Hero to insure his Six-Pack abs

Comedian-turned-Hero Sunil is all set to join the list of celebrities who insured their private parts. Reportedly, the actor is planning to insure his hard-earned six-pack abs for a whooping amount soon.
Apparently, Sunil has put in a lot of effort to cut down the extra flab (Weight – 108 kgs to 78 kgs, Waist – 44 and ½ inches to 31 inches) and attained the six-pack body. Lakhs of rupees were spent by the actor for the past three years on this mission. So, Sunil wants to make sure that even if loses the toned look, he retains it without spending much from his pocket.
“Currently, he is in talks with some of the insurance companies. But, nothing has been finalized yet,” said a source close to the actor.
With this move, Sunil has given indications that he will be maintaining the toned look at least for few years from now. So, we could expect some hardcore action from this new born action hero in future. After the release of Poola Rangadu, the equations have changed in the Industry. No action hero in the Industry could take him light anymore. Great going Sunil!