Tollywood Holidays Giving Blow To Business?

We can no longer consider the entertainment circuit as a field of art and craft. It has become a full fledged industry and it means business. So, it is obvious that any hiccup tends to impact the revenue and business. Right now, Tollywood is going through that bumpy ride due to a flurry of holidays. 
Apparently, the cine workers have called for a Tollywood bandh so there is going to be no shootings. On the other hand, the entire Tollywood fraternity is going to get busy from tomorrow with Memu Saitham initiative. Overall, the situation is quite dull and nobody in filmnagar and Krishnanagar are doing much work. 
The point to ponder is, how long will the strike continue. As it is, there is no money in the industry but demand for wage hike is quite strong. What is going to be the solution and how Tollywood will get back on tracks are some things to be concerned about. As always, hoping for the best to Tollywood and its future.