Tollywood Lacks Trained & Creative Technicians : Nagarjuna

King Nagarjuna generally choses to stay diplomatic while passing comments about film industry. But this time, he has spoken something from his heart, which many people are finding tough to digest.
While presiding over a meet at his Film School today, Nag stated that Film Industry is lacking talented and creative individuals who are well trained. The star hero has stressed the need for well educated people in Film Industry where the game is with crores of rupees. He means ‘Film education’ here, say it screenplay writing, directing or producing a film.
We can always see it in Tollywood that creative individuals have no technical brains and technicians are not so creative while directing movies. Though there are some exceptions like Krishnavamsi and Rajamouli, two persons are not enough for 120 films that are coming out from Tollywood factory every year.
Critics say that there is no need to take Nag’s comments in a bitter tone. An actor of his experience will not make such comments so easily. This also cannot be viewed as a publicity stunt for his film school. Tollywood should seriously consider Nag’s word in order to make exceptionally brilliant movies.