Tollywood’s costliest and cheapest heroines

The most important aspect for any film industry is the heroine and even for the success of a film, the glamour quotient of the leading lady is crucial. That is why a lot of importance and thinking goes while finalizing a heroine for a project. Recently, a list was revealed which showed the highest and lowest paid actresses in the top league.
First in the list are the awesome beauty Anushka and the gracious beauty Nayantara. It is heard that they charge a whopping Rs 1.15 crores per film. The likes of the saucy seductress Kajal Agarwal, sexy hip beauty Ileana and the milky white beauty Tamannah are charging around Rs 1 crore per film.
The third layer of heroines comprises of the petite beauty Trisha and the lovely smile beauty Samantha who are reportedly charging around Rs 80 lakhs per film. The likes of Shruti Haasan and Taapsee are also being considered and they are charging around Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 60 lakhs, as per sources.