Tollywood’s new Indiana Jones!!

The era of Indiana Jones needs no introduction to anyone who is an avid cine buff. The immortal role essayed by the iconic Harrison Ford and his adventurous sagas of treasure hunts have enthralled the audience from many years. Now, it appears that Tollywood has got its own version of Indiana.
Well, news has been making rounds that aggressive star Gopichand has signed a new movie under the direction of Yeleti Chandrasekhar. Inside sources say the story revolves around a treasure hunt and Gopichand would be the man in mission. If this be true then it is going to be a rather offbeat genre for Telugu audience. The producer for this is BVSN Prasad.
As such, Gopichand has the right physique and rugged look to suit the adventurous role but it would be a challenge for the makers to come up with a story which is convincing enough and with rich visual appeal and technical effects. In a way, Gopi is also taking a risk given his weak career graph but his courage should be appreciated.