Top Hero Invests In Coffee Estates

Megastar Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh, heroes have been shrewd investors and over the years, they have invested wisely in various ventures as per interests.In fact, going back a little, NTR, ANR, Krishna and Sobhan Babu have all been very careful investors and the rich dividends are now being enjoyed by their children.

Many have learnt watching them and more or less take care to invest for their family. Of course, there are a few who blow up their money, but that is barely minimal number.It is widely rumoured that megastar Chiranjeevi has heavy investments in Chennai in real estate. His invest in Maa TV has ended up turning into a golden egg for him. So is the case with his son Ram Charan. He too invests in a variety of things in keeping with his father.

When it comes to investing in diverse ventures, none can second Nagarjuna in Tollywood. Bunny too is following in his footsteps and invests in various industries.When it comes to prince Mahesh, he is said to have a liking towards investments in real estate. He is said to be investing in commercial complexes too.The latest talk in Tollywood is that a young hero, who is a sleeping partner in a real estate firm is also investing in commercial complexes. Since his family has Karnataka links, he is said to have bought 10s of acres of coffee estate out there.

Of late, a commercial hero gets anything between Rs 2 crore and Rs 20 crore. Since he has had three back to back hits and since he has another three films lined up for release, he is said to be in a good position financially, hence the investments.