Top Heroine’s sensational comments on Mahesh!

Well, these comments made by a top well built heroine in Bollywood commented certain sensational dating secrets about Mahesh Babu. This kind of dating has really gone viral these days. The Dabbang lady, Sonakshi Sinha in public old her desire about Mahesh Babu. She revealed that she is willing to date Mahesh Babu who is the Superstar of Tollywood. 
Sonakshi is presently shooting for Linga and on an interview to the media she announced her heart’s desire. The host of the show asked her who will she choose to date in South and without much of thought she declared it was Mahesh. Well, this is something shocking to Mahesh as well as Namratha. What do you think? Will Mahesh accept the proposal of dating her? 
Well, we really can’t estimate what happens in star’s life but we don’t think he will go for it because of the values he is been taught. It seems like even Namratha has got used to people going mad for Mahesh however feeling proud that she is in to Mahesh’s life as the most special person. So, what do you think? Why does Mahesh have this kind of craze through-out the country?