Tough times ahead for Balakrishna !

Producer ML Kumar Chowdary has finally found out a way to help his film Adhinayakudu to see the light. Rumor has it that the producer had sold his properties to clear the obstacles for the release of this film. Audio of Adhinayakudu will directly release into market without any hype and hungama.

However, getting things cleared and releasing the audio will just won’t be enough for Adhinayakudu to sustain at the box office. The film is going to face tough times from the young superstars that are raring to have a go at the box office this summer. April and May are jam packed with so many big films lined up for release.

Ram Charan’s Racha, NTR’s Dammu, Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh, Rajamouli’s Eega, Prabhas’s Rebel are only a few to name. There is Nagarjuna’s Dhamarukam and a load of notable Tamil films that will obviously be dubbed in Telugu as well. Adhinayakudu has to find a proper date for release and should compete with all those films to live up to its title.