Trade Buzz: Sachiin is Loser


Nee Jathaga Nenundali:

It will be go as one of the biggest disasters in T-town since it couldn’t manage even 30 laksh collections all over andhra and telengana and the bad performance of Sachiin has added to audience woes. With harsh criticism and blatant comparison with smashing hit Hindi version, could make Sachiin and producer Bandla ganesh poorer by few crore.


Its one small film, that has generated decent collections and grossed more than 90 laksh in the last 2 days and expected to do cover its meare 2.5 crore budget, since Sapthgiris roaring performance and Ashwin could boast for another moderate hit, in the next few weeks.


Makes non-star films, Geethanjali has garnered more than 5 crore till date and turning out to be a profitable prppostion for producer Kona Venkat, whose confidence on ‘hilarious comedy’, could made him cover his 7 crore investment in in two more weeks, if the collections sustain.


Producer Lagadapati Sridhar has already returned 1 crore back to a distributor in Nizam and expected to refund few more crore, since his gamble went awry and even Surya presence couldn’t save the film from sinking.


Director Sampath Nandi maiden production, has turned out to be a disappointing fare and producer would lose nearly 2 Crore of his 3.5 crore investment and distributors are in red.

Only Run Raja run and Drushyam were genuine hits as they registered profits over and above their investment, while Allu Srinu, despite being a hit, left producer 8 crore poorer since collections stuck around 25 crore out of the 33 crore investment.